Wednesday, November 3

Mumford & Sons

Mumford and Sons- Little Lion Man

  My first concert ever was No Doubt, Weezer and the Suicide Machines when I was nearly 14 in San Diego. No Doubt was just blowing up and of course Gwen was my idol. Little did I know I would discover Weezer, a band that sounded like nothing I had ever heard before and it was so life changing. For the next 8 years I was all things music. My life was going to shows and concerts, and spending all my money at random independent record stores (remember those?). There is just a rush you get when you discover a new band. Where song after song, it gets better and better! Sometimes I felt like I was discovering some planet no one really knew was out there and it was like my own little world to be able to get so immersed in it. I spent so much time laying on the floor of my bedroom listening to my c.d. player over and over and over. Of course music tastes evolve and age gets to the better of you and you just don't have that much free time for those fun activities. 
   When I first heard Mumford and Sons this summer I was surprised and shocked by how much I liked them, and also felt mad at myself that we had had the album here in the States since February and I had not known of them. Basically for the past 6 months, Sigh No More had been the one and only album in rotation on my iPod. I get chills, honestly. I haven't been able to feel so connected or excited about music in awhile. I would say the last band that really struck a chord was The Swell Season nearly 3 years ago.

   Yes, there is other good music out there, don't get me wrong, but there is just something when it all aligns up perfectly that you are taken away by how good it is. So I am sharing Little Lion Man today, which is their first single off of this album- but don't be fooled- the entire thing is amazing!

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  1. I love Little Lion Man!

    I'm a new follower and obviously doing the creepy stalking thing be reading all your fabulous posts :) Love your style girlie!


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