Monday, November 22

Welcome Home, Lewis!!

Meet the newest member of our family, Lewis!

     I apologize for my mini blog hiatus but Friday the unthinkable happened... we got a puppy! He is a Cocker Spaniel/ Poodle mix weighing in at 5 lb. and just a little over two months old. I just saw him, melted, sent picture messages to Geoff over and over, then Geoff saw him and melted and well... now we haven't slept all weekend! He is adorable and so fun but so much work too! We have had to make multiple runs to Target to get baby gates and door pulls to keep him safe and out of trouble!!! He is getting really good going potty outside, learning how to stay on the leash, and sleeping more but the teething and being alone is proving to be a little work. Anyways our lives are definitely 100 times busier all of a sudden but its all for this sweet boy so its worth it!

(look at this guy sleeping!!!)


  1. You must be in love... he is adorable, have fun with him!

  2. just hire me as your family photographer already!

  3. He IS adorable! Thanks for stopping by guys!!


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