Friday, December 10

Healthy, Quick and Delicious Breakfast

What you need:
-Fresh and Easy Go Figure Crunch (or Kashi Go Lean Crunch)
- Milk of Choice (I use Organic Silk Soy)
-Trader Joe's Maple Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal
-Honey, Cinnamon, or any other topping of your choice

     Some mornings I would really like to be eating a big donut or maybe even some frozen yogurt but that little voice inside my head knows that would be a delicious, but awful way to start my day. I usually want my breakfast to be ready in as little time as possible so this is really simple to make. Assuming you can boil water, this is a no brainer! Add instant oatmeal into the bowl, pour in the water and stir. Then take a few handfuls of cereal and add to the top. I am a texture person and even though oatmeal is good for me, I really need some crunchy element added to make it more to my liking. Mix that, and if you want a more milky consistency I would then also stir in milk to your liking. Top with a drizzle of honey a powdering of cinnamon and you have a sweet and filing simple breakfast under 300 calories!


  1. I love kashi go lean crunch! It's hard to believe it's so healthy cuz it's so yummy and sweet :)

  2. it is sweet, this almost tastes like fro yo with lots of toppings but its allowed for breakfast! yum!

  3. yummy! just did a post on the breakfast differences between America and Euro... i think that we should have lighter morning meals like this more often. nice!



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