Thursday, January 6

Another Thursday

This is the face of a girl who just ordered a lovely meal at El Pollo Loco and is happily awaiting the goodness that is on its way... Come hither, BRC Burrito! Your mine!


- When its freezing in your house, and you keep pulling the sheets up higher and higher, really snug, right under your chin, then your feet pop out and the sheets will not go back to normal. Biggest pet peeve ever!
- Saying "Good Morning!" loud and proud to arriving customers... at 9pm!!!!
- Only putting in $5 worth of gas, then having to get gas again before the day is even over because you drove too much. Grr!
- Pigtails on adults.
- The new Starbucks Logo. It LOOKS awkward!!!!
- Finding a new blog I am in love with, looking through tons of posts over and over and wondering if this is borderline stalking...
- Trying on clothes in the fitting room, and there is a mom in the room next to yours, and a child's little face pokes their head under the door into your room. This can also be substituted for bathroom stalls as well.


- Finding a great necklace at Nordstrom and thinking you cant have it because it is expensive but then taa-daa! its affordable! And now safely at home with you!
- Gift cards. I get to shop and not feel guilty for months and months!
- Reruns of Sex and the City every night on E!
- Rolling over in the morning and knowing you have to get out of the warm bed and start your day and the boy sleepily mumbles "Love you."
- Making plans for a possible NYC trip in May and thinking of all the delicious places we are going to eat at.
- Winging it when making dinner and actually making something everyone thinks is pretty delicious.


  1. If I was rich, I would be you longer sheets because then you could add, "when a stranger buys you longer sheets" to your awkward list =)


  2. you are so cute in this photo!! ♥

  3. Hi I'm a new follower from 20sb, hopefully you can stop by my blog sometime! :)

  4. You are too cute...and ditto on the blog stalking thing...and the gift cards, of cards are freakin' awesome!

  5. You look good close-up...great skin! I too am so excited about the Sex and the City reruns on E! I'm watching them this very minute!

  6. Haha I TOTALLY agree on the pigtail thing! I love your blog too.
    Your 19th follower

  7. Whitney- I dont think they are short as that they just get untucked! But, That would be awesome and awkward all at the same time!


  8. Lula!! Thanks for following!


  9. Jenn... I am going to have to be honest and say it was good lighting! I have terrible skin, at least I think I do!!!

  10. Hey! Found you from The Daybook. Yeh the stalking thing I do that too. It's beginning to worry me :)

  11. Claire- stalk away! I love having new faces come on over to my little internet space!

  12. Gift cards are the best! Love your blog, by the way :)

  13. Those are some great creative photos and I must say, I love the crispness of your blog layout!

    Visit my blog if you have the time. =)

  14. Okay, I think Awkward and Awesome is my new favourite thing. Sadly, I've had the head of a pesky and poor mannered child poke in on me as well. No doubt it's left them traumatized (either from the site of me in my knickers or the fear I left them with after I shooed them away in the manner of a banshee....either way, they kinda brought it on themselves...)

  15. hahah I loveee the daybook! I just did the list thing too. I totally agree with the Nordstrom thing. Their bags are wayyy affordable when they're on sale. Love of my lifeee


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