Thursday, February 10

Awkward and Awesome Thursday... Again!

- Noticing a complete strangers fly is down. Then deciding if you should mention it or not. But knowing if you do, you have been clearly gazing at them below the belt... and that is weird.
- Also awkward is the fact that this happens to me so often, I think I have put this on my list before.
- People falling down. But like a funny fall where they aren't hurt. And you cant stop laughing.
- When the checker at Target starts flashing the light and calling to another checker and making a big scene, just because your item is missing a barcode but it seems like you just tried to steal something and the people behind you are becoming angry.
- Trying to take my little puppy on a walk. We look so ridiculous because he wants to lay down and eat everything and I drag him for feet before I even notice.
- Looking at the Valentines day cards with 20 other people doing the same thing and you notice you just picked up the dirtiest, nastiest card there is and you are hoping no one just read that over your shoulder.
- Mint Chocolate Chip flavored gum. I just don't know about that.

- Forgetting about that check from Christmas is still sitting in your wallet... in February!
- Thin Mints.
- Getting to get all dressed up and go on a real date at my very favorite Italian restaurant this weekend.
- Parks and Recreation. Hands down the best show on tv!
- People with dimples. I don't have any... and I think they are so charming.
-  My giveaway ends tonight, and I would love for everyone to have a chance to win some pretty new earrings!!! Sign up and take a shot and if not, just go look at all the other little pretties sold at Edor Jewelry!
- Two weeks until we get to go on vacation to Las Vegas for 4 glorious days. Shopping, Slot Machines, Racing, and all those free little drinks they bring you.
- Qdoba Grill and their super awesome Pick 2 menu. I am addicted to their soft tacos.

*I just realized I accidentally hit "no comments"...whoops! Comment away friends!!*


  1. Sorry, they work now. This is why one shouldn't blog so early in the morning!

  2. Thin Mints, ummm yes! Parks and Recreation, ummm double yes!

    Yay for Awkward and Awesome Thursdays. I would have been one of those people who you laugh at while they crawl up from the floor.

  3. My Mom's fly was down all day and no one told her. She was like "why didn't anyone tell me!?" HAHA! My poor Momma; I would have told her and made fun of her :) AWKWARD.

  4. Mint Chocolate Chip Gum is awesome! Have you tried it?? It's like a healthy dessert :)

  5. I love all of your awkwards - so funny! And yummmm Thin Mints! I just got my first box today :)

  6. I could eat Qdoba every day. Seriously. In fact, now I'm craving it.

    And the mint chocolate chip gum? Gross.

  7. Oh the awkwardness of zips being down. I remember a time when I was back in 6th Form, my RE teacher taught the whole lesson with his fly down. We all knew but no one wanted to tell him as it would look like you'd been looking. Oh it was awful haha!

    Love the blog- found you via FTLB!


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