Thursday, February 17

Only an Awesome Thursday

Shirt- Anthropologie, Jeans- Target, Flats- Target, Belt- Forever 21, Bracelet- H&M

     I know you might be thinking to yourself, "Isn't it raining in California?". Well weather watcher, you are correct. I am actually in an oversize hoodie, leggings, and LEG WARMERS (!!!) under a big blanket right now. This outfit was the forgotten outfit from this weekend. It was what I wore during the day on Sunday before we headed out of town. Thought I might give this little dark number his chance in the spotlight. Those little fuzzy leopard print flats I got at Target years ago and I love them. They totally cheer up any outfit that is dark and uninspired. and as for leg warmers, I found these totally cute grey and pink striped ones at H&M this weekend and had to take them home to try it out. So far, my ankles are incredibly satisfied. 

     I have one awesome thing to share today because I am so excited about it that it gets a whole Thursday dedicated to it!!! On Tuesday evening I noticed that one of my favorite bands was going to be playing a few shows around California and I had no idea that this had even been made an announcement. In under 24 hours we have decided to take the trip up to Santa Barbara in April to go visit our friends that just moved up there and we managed to get ourselves tickets before it sold out in minutes! I get to see Mumford & Sons! I have been loving this band for about a year now and didn't think I would be seeing them anytime soon so I am over the moon!! Plus I get to have a girly hang out shopping day up there, and potentially a trip to Solvang for some danish baked goods?? If you haven't heard them, or need new music to get into go check them out here.

P.S.- Did you see that new little button over there? Oh yeah, thats right, The Weekend File is now accepting Sponsors!!! I am thrilled! go check it out!


  1. You look so cute. Enjoy the rain and cuddly clothes.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Lucky lady!! I LOOOOOOVE Mumford & Sons!!!

  3. MUMFORD & SONS, SHOPPING ON STATE STREET AND BAKED GOODS!!! Ahhh, I can't wait! It'll be nice to see familiar faces :)

  4. Your leopard print flats are adorable! They add so much to an outfit.

  5. awesome. mumford and sons rock.

  6. I loooove Mumford & Sons, your leopard print flats and belt! Very cute. New here!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

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  7. I love this outfit and tend to navigate towards darker colors and dark green, it is too too cute with the belt and the flats :)

    I also love Solvang... it is the cutest little weekend getway spot... somehow it's turned into me and the bf's favorite. If you be sure to get waffles at Paula's Pancake House :)


  8. OMG!! You're seeing Mumford & Sons!! How exciting!!!

  9. I love that outfit! You rock it. I just moved back to Oregon from Cali and I miss it :( Enjoy it, even if it's raining!

  10. Ahh I love M&S I'm so jealous! and your flats.. amazing. I am into animal print accessories in small amounts right now - I just wore zebra print flats a few posts ago and they were a big hit. I am still so jealous.. living there you must see good bands all the time! And congrats on accepting sponsors, that's awesome!

  11. The cutest blouse! Love the whole outfit, you look beautiful!

  12. Such a cute top! I love the contrast collar!
    I'm in CA, too, enjoying the (albeit cold) sun until the rain returns! :(

    I'm so excited to see Mumford & Sons at Coachella this year - enjoy! :)


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