Tuesday, February 22

Thank You, Mr. President

     This weekend was filled with eating (BJ's Pizza and pizookie, anyone?), sleeping in, a lot of work, the first race of the season, seeing some houses, and a successful trip to Ikea. Even though I had to keep working, the boy had a 3 day weekend which made it easy to squeeze everything in but now I am pooped! 
     I haven't tried these yet, but these are Ikea chocolate bars in Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate and Dark. I don't know if I am going to simply just start gnawing away on these or if I am going to get creative with them but they will be eaten soon!

     New air tight jars for the countertop for the puppy's food and treats. I really don't like having those ugly food bags that stink in every cabinet so I wanted the dog stuff to look more presentable but be easy to grab a treat out so we leave these on the counter and they look cute! And... no more bacon smell!

     These vases are from Ikea as well, but not new. My Valentines flowers were starting to die so I cut off the survivors and put them in my little colorful bud vases and they look so pretty in the kitchen! It makes doing the dishes so much more lovely!

     This guy. Look at his bed head! I love this little face so much. I had posted this photo on Instagram labeled Lewis Einstein because that is exactly what he looks like! I am so sad because it is looking like it is going to be time for a trim but he looks so cute all fluffy and unkempt!

     We like to eat cereal in this house instead of dessert. It fills you up a little but more, without so much sugar and bad stuff. These little Organic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs from Trader Joe's are like bowls of heaven. They are so good! 

     My favorite new purchase, a new outdoor mat for our front door. We had an old "Welcome" one that had been here for years that just wasn't cutting the mustard anymore so now we have this amazing graphic print one out there. Instant cool for out front stoop!

     I have been hoarding these little Eiffel Tower Salt and Pepper shakers for years and we finally dusted them off and brought them out. They sit on our butcher block and are a nice little reminder of our weekend we spent in Paris like 100 years ago, or 2005!

     If anyone else wants to do a guest post over here the first week of March, its not to late. Go here for the information or email me!


  1. I wish that we had an Ikea around here (the closest one is in Pittsburgh.) I love Ikea and would love to take a trip to see what goodies I can find. It looks like you had a great trip!

  2. have you ever had pizookie from BJs?! AHHHH sooo yummmy! nice blog girlfriend!

  3. I love the idea of storing doggy treats in counter containers!

    Congrats on the FTLOB feature!


  4. so many wonderful things, ikea chocolate and puppies.

  5. Oh where to start! First, I'm obsessed with your dog! That shaggy hair is too too cute. That doormat is perfect AND those salt and pepper shakers are SO fun!

    <3 kris&kel

  6. I love a good, successful trip to IKEA! EEEP! And how about those cute little shakers? They are nothing short of AWESOME. :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. IKEA chocolate bars are ubber yummy! My sis works there and we tend to get a few from time to time. Good stuff


  8. that dog is so cool! I have a little Jack Russell puppy (pics on my blog!) and I love food, especially cereal! i dont think we get those panda type ones in the uk though! I am following you now lovely!! xcx


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