Thursday, March 10

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Shirt- H&M, Jeans- Target, Boots- Ted Baker, Purse- Forever 21, Watch- Burberry, Rings- Ireland Street Vendor and Vintage (Gift from Mom)
- My dirty towels in those pictures, sorry guys, that is where the little card says to put them if I don't want them anymore!
- Seeing all of these girls in one shoulder, glittery mini skirt dresses, unable to sit down because their clothes are too tight and poking them everywhere.
- Being in a restroom and hearing a, um, "noise" and accidentally saying out loud "What was that!?" then noticing my mother and I weren't alone. Whoooops!
- Charlie Sheen. Need I say more?
- Geoff ordering a drink in Vegas and being brought a check that is more then the amount we just spent on our whole dinner. That boy has expensive taste!
- Being stuck in a full elevator and two individuals are fighting. I have no where to go, people!!
- I have to spend the weekend all by myself because the boy has to go to Texas last minute. What will I do??
- Gwyneth Paltrow in this weeks Glee! So good!
- Taking puppy Milk Bones, breaking them up and stuffing them in Lewis' Kong with a tiny bit of peanut butter on it... he is busy for hours! 
- Finding this shirt at H&M. You can't tell but it is grey and white and basically my new favorite!
- I met Marie Osmond! Totally random and unexpected but it is still cool!!
- My new fedora, you will see soon, it is Navy and Mustard yellow!
- Having French Fries with nearly every meal in Vegas. No complaints here!
- Hitting the jackpots on penny machines. It keeps counting, and counting, and counting!!
- The pasta I made up two nights and and was totally dee-lish! Rigatoni, Ground Beef, Stewed Tomatoes, Garlic, Creamy Tomato Alfredo and all baked together with some Mozzerella and Bread crumbs on top. 


  1. Your new shirt is lovely! Spend some girly time with yourself and watch movies in bed! That's probably what I would do (totally boring I know!).

  2. So many great things in this post to talk about but I can't skip the meeting Marie Osmond. What? That's way too cool.

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  3. gwyneth paltrow was awesome in glee!! <3 and i too find my newly bought fedora awesome minus i haven't gathered up the courage to wear it. i'm just not fashionable like that >,< doh

  4. Cuuuuute outfit & I LOVED glee this week! I'll have to do the milkbone/peanut butter/kong idea soon!!! xo

  5. Your shirt is so cute! And french fries with nearly every meal? Sounds good to me!

  6. Love the plaid shirt!


  7. About the Fedora. I wore it all over the store before I bought it, I figured if I felt ridiculous it went back but I if I didn't want to take it off... home it came! Just own it, I bet you will be adorable in it!!


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