Thursday, March 17

This Outfit has Traveled all over the US...

Sweater- Old Navy 
Dress- Forever 21 
Scarf- H&M 
Belt- Forever 21 
Jeggings- Mossimo 
Boots- Forever 21

     Confession time... this outfit is old. Like I wore this probably 3 weekends ago! These were the photos that were trapped on the camera that has traveled all over California, Vegas and Texas and has safely been returned back. I didn't want to skip it though because it was a rainy Friday night and it was late and we took the tripod and with all that effort... I love how they turned out! I was craving layers and I wanted to be comfortable but cute, so instead of a sweatshirt and jeans I wore a dress over jeggings and  put on that chunky sweater. I remember it, and I was comfy! And have I mentioned how much I love this parking garage? It is going to be our new Friday night routine. Buy the boy a burger, give him a kiss, make him take my photo! Works for me!

     In other news, cross your fingers, toes, puppies toes, and whatever else you can cross for us. We are going to put in an offer on a house! We have bad luck with these things (I think we have lost 3 other houses in the past year for one reason or another) but hopefully luck will turn around! Its old, needs work, and has the worst kitchen but it has wood floors, a great yard and is in a great neighborhood. Oh, and did I mention its within walking distance of my favorite fro yo spot? Heck yea!


  1. Great sweater, I've been hoping to find one like it on sale somewhere, but I fear that all the winter stuff is gone for good. Guess I'll have to consider paying full price next year.


  2. Fingers crossed! And I cannot BELIEVE that sweater is old navy, because it's freaking amazing. You should rock that sweater weekly. Love it!

  3. Your sweater (okay, the whole outfit, but the sweater is my favorite part) somehow makes looking comfortable (and standing in a parking garage) look chic. Tres fabu!

  4. Good luck! Hubs and I just bought our first house and will be closing in less than a month. Such an exciting (and scary, and frustrating) process!! :)

  5. love this! especially that sweater - looks perfectly comfortable!

  6. Goodluck with the house!
    And your outfit looks SO comfortable and cute. I love the sweater!

  7. Crossing my fingers! What a comfy outfit! I wish I could look that chic and comfy at the same time. I'm still struggling to make a really chic outfit that is using my comfortable items.

  8. Jo- This is just a basic ugly drapey sweater, I just rolled the collar a bit, and let the parts in front just fold the way they wanted to and secured them with the belt really, its unshapely and more like a jammie, but with some tweaks it can be made to look a little more polished!

  9. Love the stripes peeking out....that's the frenchie in me! :)
    love, live & wear

  10. This looks ridiculously comfortable.. I think I'd live in that sweater if I could ;)


  11. Popped over from FTLOB! LOVE this outfit! I think I spent the 6 years I lived in London trying to perfect this exact look and you did it....just like that! Awesome..... x

  12. looove that dress. i have an identical looking skirt from f21- its a staple.

  13. Stylish outfit, love the sweater


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