Thursday, June 30

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Last summer, taken on Newport Beach... watching the sunset and eating Laventina's pizza! 

- They are painting the concrete black outside of my work. Woman walks right through the wet paint and walks through our store. Footprints everywhere! In black paint! Talk about a headache to clean!

- Your dog rolling through a huge and fresh bird plop. Then your neighbor wants to come and pet and kiss him. While the white stuff is literally dripping off his ears. GROSS.  Thank goodness for baby wipes.

- Jamming out to a song in your car, then realizing the car next to you is jamming out to the same song. Or realizing it after they already have and they are laughing at you.

- That "What Would You Do?" secret camera show... It just makes me feel weird for the people getting tricked.

-Toddlers and Tiaras. Do I have to say anything else?

- Re-watched Sex in the City 2... That movie was very awkward. And bad. I hope they do a third one to redeem themselves.

- The words "In Escrow"... eeeek! Getting excited!

- Realizing you have shrunk two dress sizes since last summer.

- Finding clothes you honestly forgot you had in your closet. I have done that about 10 times this week cleaning out my drawers.

- Extreme couponing. I really need to find time to figure that out. Although I could start the "Extreme Shopping" show, because I shop like a champ!

- Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. Best of both worlds...

- Free HBO weekend. So many movies, so little time!

- Pintrest! I have so many ideas for our house on there!!

- Dog has decided that his reflection scares him. Its funny to see him barking his head off, thinking the other dog is barking back at him.


  1. Aw! If I was the lady who stepped in paint I totally would have help with the clean up! These awkwards are hilarious! Ummm & I am totally jealous, two dress sizes!! You go girlie! Going to find ya on pintrest!!

  2. mmm...vegan pb choc chip cookies?! they sound delish - any chance you'll post the recipe?

    and congrats about the house. being a home-owner is awesome!

  3. just tried some organic choco chip cookies today and they were delicious. i love discovering forgotten clothes in my closet! :)

  4. Oh I didnt make these cookies! I bought them.. a cute little bakery called Sweet Caroline

  5. I´m so with you on the awesome part! Love Pinterest, it´s such a great way to keep all your inspiration in one place!
    I´ve just discovered your blog and I´m charmed :) I´m your newest follower :)
    Hope to see you soon over at my lifestyle blog :)

    xx Ivana


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