Thursday, June 16


This weekend, over cheeseburgers for lunch, I realized that we are totally MFEO (meant for each other... Sleepless in Seattle reference!) in a way that is very unique to us... Love is love... but it takes on a new meaning in our relationship, What does love mean to you and yours?

Love means, he begrudgingly takes photo after photo of me day after day doing the same thing, just dressed in different clothes.

Love means, we both order dinner, but he really orders something he knows I want too so I can have a few bites of it.

Love means, I also save the last bites of my food for him. 

Love means, that when my sister asks us to go to the store and by diaper rash cream (4 tubes of it!!), he takes the opportunity to embarrass me in front of the checker (telling her its mine!) and make a totally boring task, totally hilarious.

Love means, taking me to Costco, on a Saturday, in the afternoon to fill my car up with gas.

Love means, I wash the dishes and he loads them.

Love means, I wash the laundry and he folds it. 

Love means, he lets me put my super cold feet on his warm feet in bed so I am not cold. Secretly, I just like to hear him scream like a girl.

Love means, he always, always, untwists the lid or cap off of something and puts it back on looser before handing it to me.

Love means, him sitting through countless hours of bad reality tv and me sitting through countless hours of cars going around in circles. 

Love means and understands that when I say I will be ready in "5 minutes" he knows to turn on the tv because those 5 minute are probably more like 30.

Love means, that after 7 years we get each other, make life easier for each other, and appreciate each other for our quirks and habits. 


  1. Sweet post! Sleepless Seattle is one of my VERY favorite movies in the world. Definitely my favorite romantic comedy!

    - A

  2. Mine too! I watch it EVERYTIME I see it on tv! I cant pull myself away!

  3. hahahahhahaa, i love the diaper cream one!! so funny.

    ~Andrea @

  4. This is so cute! I love the diaper cream situation. Your relationship is so loving - how amazing that must be!

  5. I love this post :) It's so precious and cute and heart-warming to read about all the little quirks & moments that make the two of you such a perfect match :) Glad I found your blog!

  6. Great post! I find I'm moving towards the same with my boyfriend. We're going on 5 years so we're really starting to get each other :)


  7. I really like this post. Poetic. Sweet. And also funny :)

    I would love to exchange buttons with you :)


  8. super sweet & adorable post. =)


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