Monday, June 20

Scenes from the Weekend

     Hope everyone had a good weekend and a Happy Father's Day! We had a long and eventful weekend, involving babies, concerts, shopping, working, bbq's and fun! Here are a few snapshots from out weekend. If you have Instagram lets be friends... 'im_hayley'.  I am uploading photos all the time on there!
A casual and easy outfit that never made the cut! I really love that Ikat print scarf. And my Hunter Green toesies... so fun!
My little guy got groomed this weekend, he always looks so different when he comes back but he is so soft, and smells so good... it makes cuddle time great! And look at those huuuge ears! Thats my boy!
Always nice finding forgotten clothes in your closet that remind you of what a great deal you got! My Thakoon for Target blouse was $20 off! Now thats a bargain! 
Nothing more relaxing then having dinner in the oven and a nice stack of magazines to keep you occupied. I love getting all my mail opened and magazines read. 
A weekend glass of wine to pair with those magazines. Sometimes nights in (with a quick run to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard) are just what the doctor ordered. The doctor being the part of my mind that tells me to drink after a long work week!
We went and saw U2 on saturday night... but more on that later this week! But here is a quick shot of the stage. It was massive!!!
And then on Sunday it is race day and blog catch-up day. There is nothing wrong with being in your PJ's until noon on a Sunday... it is almost required!


  1. Happy Monday pretty lady, what a relaxing weekend you had.

  2. Looks like a perfect weekend. And I was in my jammers ALL DAY on sunday so... that either makes me lazy or i've exceeded all requirements.


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