Thursday, September 1

Recent Snapshots

An outfit photo that never was. Some days are so busy that by the time we have free time to take photos, it is pitch black outside. Just know I looked cute. I promise. 

This has been what I have been looking at for weeks now. Wire hangers. They are annoying and everything slips off of them so I invested in the huggable hangers and between switching everything over, and over hauling my closet (nearly 3 large blue ikea bags full!) these little babies are now collecting dust all over the floor. What do I do with them???

I never realized just how many t-shirts I had! A whole entire drawer full! But I refolded everything so I can spot just the one I want! Any tips for keeping closest and drawers organized? I will take ANY at this point!

Between all of this Lewis had to go get a haircut because he was getting so many mats in his fur and this is what they sent me home with... A naked dog! He looks so unlike himself for a split second we thought they gave us the wrong dog back! I am slowly getting used to it, slowly. 

Cleaning we found this original Polaroid Sun 600Se Land Camera we had forgotten about. It even has the instructions and original warranty card. Geoff says the last time he used it it worked and I found out that you can still buy film for it! We are selling it for $20, and i'll pay shipping in the US! If anyone wants it, send me an email soon!!


  1. lol even naked he still looks cute!!

  2. what a great find!!! I love it when I find things I forgot I had...its like treasure hunting or christmas!!!! I hate wire hangers to and they get tangled and its impossible to get them undone!!!!

  3. You DO look cute!!! And ah, I normally just throw hangers away. I rarely hang clothing up (read: I'm lazy.) I'll usually keep a few for dresses and "nice clothes." :P

    Your doggy is SO cute!!! What breed is he?

    And holy eeee, a Polaroid!!! I LOVED mine. I would so say me me me me if I had the $20. Good luck finding a buyer!!!


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