Wednesday, October 5

7 Days, 7 Ways: Day 3

Shirt- MNG by Mango for JCPenney
Jacket- Nordstrom
Skirt- Forever 21
Heels- MIA
Handbag- Forever 21

     This is my most fall-ish look that I styled and I love it! I think if it was cooler out, I would just put on some tights and be good to go! For some reason, this outfit has that very back to school, ivy league vibe to it. All I need is some tartan plaid and I would be set! Since I don't go to school or have a job that allows me to dress cute I have no idea where I would wear it, but I totally would want to. Maybe I could slip my laptop into this lovely grey bag and head to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and some blog time. That would be much more fashionable of me then how I usually blog... on the couch in my PJ's... in case you were wondering. Where do you guys blog from??


  1. i'm loving this outfit the best so far. so cute.

  2. Love the 7days 7 ways series Hayley! I also blog on my couch in my sweats...or in my bed ;).

  3. couch and pj's is totally my style too!! i am either blogging early morning or night and as long as I am home I am in comfy clothes always!! you are doing such a great job with this little project, I just love it!

  4. love that you are doing this 7 days/7 ways things! i saw that pin a while back too and was totally inspired! i'll have to do it - when i find time... haha! You're doing great! can't wait to see the rest of the looks!

  5. Thanks everyone for being so supportive! It has been fun!!

  6. I also definitely blog on the couch in my sweats - best way to do it! And you're right, this does have a very Ivy league vibe and I love it!

  7. this entire outfit is just adorable!! especially those shoes!!
    xo TJ

  8. Thanks about the shoes! It is hard to tell but the shoes are maroon-ish! So cute!


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