Friday, October 7

7 Days, 7 Ways: Day 5

Shirt- MNG by Mango for JCPenney
Shorts- Anthropologie
Shoes- Payless
Watch- Fossil

   It was hot when I started this so I thought this outfit would be appropriate to hang out at the beach all day having lunch, wandering in shops, and going on a boat. Just kidding, but this outfit really feels boat-y to me! Had I styled this now that it is cooler, I think I would have added a navy knit sweater and maybe a white pashmina. 

     I want to say thank you for being so supportive through this little journey that I decided to try. It really has made me look at my closet differently so far and left me thinking of all sorts of combinations I could have thought of at the time! Some of you had expressed an idea of trying this on your own and I say go for it. I am sure I am not the first person to have thought of it so I say go and try it yourself. If you want, take the graphic down below to use on your own site. And definitely leave me the link so I can follow along as well!

     Have a great weekend everyone, we will be working on the house all weekend, again and then I will be back next week with the final two outfits!
Click the image above to see all of the remixes.


  1. love this outfit! i wish i could still wear shorts, it's raining where i live right now :(

  2. I love your shorts!

  3. I just looked at your 7days 7ways and I think that its such an awesome challenge! I love the 30x30s but I never participate because I feel like I need more practice and I am not that great at planning ahead...

    This is the perfect challenge to stretch a dollar, expand a closet, and also keep it simple enough that we can ALL do it without getting overwhelmed!

    I cant wait to keep reading more and seeing your next challenge items :)


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