Wednesday, October 12


A little look at my life the past few weeks via my favorite app in the whole world, Instagram.

Two new gorgeous dresses from Shop Sosie showed up and I cant wait to have somewhere fancy to wear them! Looks like date night is about to get fancy!

A fun scribbly print tee, a cardigan and a belt. A no frills outfit that makes me feel like a million bucks!

Traveling along the (thankfully) empty freeway, early, every Saturday morning. 

To celebrate the beginning of fall boyfriend brought home a mimi pumpkin, a festive little bouquet of orange flowers, and some wine (which is not photographed because I told boyfriend to promptly tear into that guy!)

Along with the stress and expenses that come with a home renovation there is some fun too. Like picking out paint colors and getting to randomly paint squares on your house. While I am keeping the colors a secret for now, I can tell you I am so excited!

For about 3 days there we had some true fall weather! Rain, incredible brisk mornings, cold, cold nights and then it all went away. But enough for me to test drive my new H&M scarf. 

Plant shopping and planning our landscape is one of the renovation perks I was talking about. Apparently I am crazy for succulents and "decorative grasses". Who knew!

Tested out these yummy dog jerky treats this week and Lewis was in heaven! He couldn't believe I had given this delicious treat to him! I recommend these little strips from Trader Joe's. 

I totally feel like Al (the dude from Home Improvement... not sure if he had a last name...) walking around Home Depot and sanding walls all day! Apparently I was channeling him too, because I busted out some riding boots and flannel this past weekend.

The best part of Holidays...  themed Joe Joe's!


  1. LOVE the patterns of your new dresses! can't wait to see you wearing those :)


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Um. TOTALLY cute post!!! I love what your BF surprised you with!!!

    Also, plaid! <3 I love plaid clothing!

  3. Thanks ladies! I cant wait to wear the dresses either!

  4. Great photos! looks like you have been busy!

  5. I want to get a camera phone just to get Instagram, it looks like so much fun! Lovely photos, and you have a lovely blog. Those dresses look gorgeous xo

  6. Love those dresses! Your blog is great! I'm also from So-Cal! Looking forward to reading more of your lovely blog!!!



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