Friday, December 16

In The Spirit

Black and Blue Striped Sweater- Nordstrom
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad
Flat Black Boots- Old Navy
Necklace- Anthropologie
Glasses- c/o Glasses USA

     The past few days have been full of Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and finally doing a tiny bit of decorating. Being between houses, the boy doesn't want to set up our tree or lights this year. I was okay with it at first, but the house just didnt have that warm and festive feeling! So today I strung some vintage Christmas lights on a large mirror, set our Snowman on a table and found our stockings. It isn't much, but it makes me happy. 

     When shopping for others, I always end up finding great deals I can't pass up. Does this happen to any of you? This sweater was a steal at Nordstrom so it had to come home with me! I had a gift card from my birthday, so it didnt feel like I was "shopping", technically! I also received these glasses in the mail this week. I need to get used to them, they are huge! But more on those next week!

     This weekend I am looking forward to a date night with the boy at one of our favorite, local italian restaurants and going to see the Newport Beach Boat Parade (a tradition of ours!). Hope you all have a fun and festive weekend!


  1. You seriously look SO cute!
    I totally know what you mean about finding great deals when shopping for others.
    When shopping for christmas gifts I probably end up buying more for me than for friends and family!!!

    <3 Daryl
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  2. love this entire outfit! AND the glasses:)

  3. You are too cute. I always struggle with not purchasing stuff for myself when Christmas shopping because the deals are so good!

    ps. Those stockings were from Target years ago. : ( But you should try searching "knit stockings" on etsy or something! Better yet... knit some? haha It would at least have a story with it.

  4. One year prior to kids we were amidst tons of construction and renovations and we went without a tree, it was a bummer, but a tree would have been just one more thing to work around, so I hear you there!
    Enjoy the boat parade, sounds neat!

  5. This always happens to me! But instead of buying it for myself (usually) I'll just add it to my birthday wish list (which is in January. I've always loved having a jan birthday because I can just keep adding things to my christmas wish list : )

  6. love your sweater! your weaken sounds fun! enjoy it x Tia

  7. @Jessica I thought about knitting some, then I went to Michael's and looked at like the knitting... knit? and it was overwhelming!

  8. I lOVE this outfit! Where'd you get your carrie bradshaw name plate necklace!? LOVE IT!

  9. Those glasses look great on you! I always manage to get some jealousy when people can pull of great glasses like that - my face it too small I think. Darn! Merry Christmas!

  10. @Nicole Thank you! I am still getting used to them, I feel the same as you!

  11. @Lindsay I ordered it online years ago... you can just search "custom nameplate necklace" and there are quite a few companies that will do it. I got this one around $50

  12. Ooooh super cute glasses :) How are the Glasses USA spectacles?

  13. great casual Outfit! You have a sweet smile;)

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