Friday, January 6

California Love

     There is nothing like Southern California. I really, truly decided this today. I am a California Girl at heart and living in a place I love so much is just making me feel that even more! I have always felt a connection to this area and loved spending my time here, and I feel so lucky to actually be able to call this city my home! To basically have this view in my backyard, I plan on taking full advantage of it and not letting busy schedules and days get in the way of heading down for a day at the beach or even a quick jog.

My best friend, Rachel, and I were going to head to the gym but it looked so gorgeous we strapped on our running shoes and headed for a walk/jog. Turns out we managed to do 2.5 miles on the sand! We didnt even know the surf happened to be "incredible" so the water was full of surfers and paddle boarders!
I love the vintage charm that the Newport Beach Pier and surrounding area has. 
I love that it looks the same way as it did when I was in high school!
No where else in the world can you head to the beach for glorious 80 degree sunshine in the first week of January! 
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  1. Such beautiful photos, and while I don't live in California, I have visited many times and just love it!
    I wanted to stop by and let you know you are the winner of my Stella & Dot giveaway, so congrats!!
    Happy Friday!
    xo Cara

  2. We leave to tomorrow to drive out to CA and more to Newport Beach. Your post has me so excited! Can't wait!!!

  3. Gosh you are lucky it's so gorgeous and warm there! Though I have to say having grown up in the Midwest, I couldn't live without my snowy winters (not that we've had that yet, but that's another story...).

    Isn't it so satisfying to live in the place you love? There's nothing better than driving through my hometown completely happy with where I've settled.

  4. @Cara thank you so excited! emailing you now!

  5. @stephanie Have a great time! It is lovely out here right now!

  6. came from jeannett's instafriday link up... i absolutely LOVE that last photo!?! totally frame-worthy. i'm in san diego and i totally agree with everything you've said here :) we're so lucky!!

  7. I love these pictures! I've only been to California once (San Francisco) but I would love to make another trip back to check out SoCal.

  8. Hasn't it been a beautiful month in So Cal? I'm also a So Cal girl and love it so much. I feel thankful everyday to be surrounded by so much beauty. I loved your post! It really made me smile. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. These photos are lovely - I wish I had a beach to run on! I guess a dreary day in Portland is beautiful in its own way :)


  10. @Sea to Shining Port Portland is beautiful as well! I would LOVE to visit there someday!

  11. Thanks everyone for coming over from the linkup!!

  12. I love, love, love these pics I live in Long Beach and just have never made it out to Newport Pier! I guess now I have to go :)


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