Tuesday, March 20

Over The Weekend

Friday started with a delicious home made dinner and a little wander around some of our favorite places in town. I finally had a reason to use this adorable Anthropologie apron that has been in my kitchen drawer begging to be worn! 

Dinner consisted of Trader Joe's Pesto Tortellini, cut and grilled Chicken Apple Sausage, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and all tossed with light Alfredo and a healthy dose of cracked pepper! So delicious! 

After dinner we wandered to The Camp. It is a really awesome, modern and hip shopping center near by and we checked out the shops and restaurants. We decided to stop in the newly opened Wine Lab which was so cute and cozy, screening a Woody Allen movie on the far all. I had a glass of Pinot Gris from Washington and some delicious Grey Sea Salt Chocolates. 

Saturday was rainy and lazy. I did manage to get dressed up for a family dinner later in the afternoon. I wore my Madewell Wallace dress for the first time and it is sooo cozy! I made sure I also had a hint of green for St. Patty's Day!

The ominous, cold rain clouds that filled our sky all weekend. I can;t even tell you how fast they were floating across the sky. I should have taken a video, it was so wild!

I received this great bauble from Oia Jules and Monika of The Doctors Closet that I cannot wait to wear! 

The best green polish I could find! This perfect shade is High Line Green from NYC and was only $1.99! Apparently their quick dry polish has calcium in it which is awesome because this polish stayed glossy, went on thick (I hate when polish is thin and runny) and did not chip! I highly recommend their 'In a New York Minute' line! 

The boys of the house. This is what Saturday pretty much looked like all afternoon. Snuggles, tv, and staying warm.


  1. I love The Camp! It's such a fun little spot. And your green nails are so festive! Glad you had a fun weekend. :)

    1. I used to love the Lab, but I can tel I am getting older because I love the Camp so much more!

  2. I like the statement necklace you're wearing with your striped dress! :)

    1. Thank you! I don't even know or remember where its from!!

  3. Love the pop of green nail polish. Don't just reserve it for St Patty's!

  4. Your pup is adorable! Have a lovely weekend lady :)

    In the City with Crystalin

  5. All I use is NYC! They are cheap cheap and have some pretty cool colors. Their 'In A New York Minute' line dries super fast! I love it!


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