Tuesday, April 24

May Ad Swap

As a way to say thank you to my readers and give you all an opportunity some of you maybe not be able to take up for one reason or another, I am going to give away 5 Small Ad Spaces for the month of May. This isn't a giveaway or contest. All I ask is that you have an established blog or shop, can send a button that is 180x80 and can use one of the buttons on my right hand sidebar for your own blog! If that works for you, send me an email by tomorrow night (11:59pm PST) with your button and blog link. I will then choose 5 blogs to swap with!

As always, I am also accepting my regular sponsors in all sizes for May and would love to have you as well! 

Thank you all for always being so sweet and kind and taking the time to read my blog each and every day! 


  1. Hi there, I would love to swap with you!

    xo Shane

  2. ps. It won't let me send you an e-mail from your link :( And its my birthday month as well!

    1. you can find my email on the about me page and the logo to the right! hope that helps!

  3. Ooh, just found your blog from Christa Jae. I'd love to swap with you. I'll email you in a bit!

  4. This sounds awesome I would love to be considered totally e-mailing you tonight.


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