Thursday, May 24

Sponsored Post: Holiday Style

Holiday style for women who love their curves

If you were to spend your time browsing through the array of celebrity magazines and tabloid newspapers that stock British shelves these days, you may be fooled into believing that all women should aspire to the pencil-like perfection of the pop-stars and A (or even Z) Listers.

Inundated with the latest holiday snaps shouting about BeyoncĂ©’s ‘piled on pounds’ or Lindsay Lohan’s ‘less-than-toned’ abs, you may want to mourn the days when curvaceous women were celebrated, nay adored. But fear not, curvy ladies – as this year’s holiday season approaches, it’s time to embrace your curves and salute your stature with some sexy plus size swimwear.

In the not too distant past, plus size swimwear for women consisted of unsightly, frumpish garments that hardly had women flocking to the beach to show off their best bits. Now, however, with online stores such as showcasing designer plus size swimwear collections for ladies of all shapes and sizes, curvy beach lovers have cause for celebration.

Perhaps you want to go for a flirty push-up tankini top with matching briefs? It’s certainly an eye-catching choice, and we all like to turn a few heads when we’re away on holiday. If your style is more traditional and you’d like a simple swimsuit that complements your curves, then why not try the Resort Magic Lose-an inch Swimsuit available from; an elegant and practical choice.

If you don’t feel particularly confident lounging by the pool in swimwear, there’s no need to despair. Rather than baring all in a bikini, you can always opt for an ultra-feminine and seamlessly stylish swimdress – they’re comfortable and concealing for those hot days of sun bathing, but also ideal if you want to cool off with a quick swim without getting changed or shedding any layers. Most designs come with moulded cups and shapewear fitting to give your holiday body a great silhouetted shape.

So, whatever your destination this year, why not ditch the shorts and t-shirt attire and really celebrate your curves this summer?

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  1. Love this :) I'm seriously in love with my bigger thighs (although I want to lose some fats in my torso to have actual curves) ;)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!


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