Thursday, May 31

Winners!! And something cute, too!

I know I should have posted this earlier, but life has a crazy way of getting in the way.

Anyways, the winner of the LinzGutz Jewelry Giveaway is......
Congrats Jessica! I know you will love the piece and wear it well! Send me an email with your mailing info so I can get it out to you! 

And the winner of the Double Ad Space Giveaway is.....
Congrats Itchelita!! I am so happy for you! Send me an email or check yours soon!! Your button will launch on both blogs tomorrow!

And in case you didnt win anything, here is something to cheer up your day!
I was fooling around with iMovie on my computer (aka reading the help section a lot!) and I put together this silly little video.
Happy Thursday!


  1. YEAHH!! I emailed you last week with all my info but maybe it just went to your junk inbox by accident ... I am so excited to wear this beauty!!! I will send the info again.


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