Friday, July 27


Ive been inspired by these posts by Danielle and Jen and since I just didnt have time to get some posts ready for you guys today, I thought I would share what has been going on around here currently.

LISTENING TO... Gosh, I used to be such a music nut! I just lived my life around music and going to shows and heading to the record store after school to see what was cool sitting in the used bin! Lately, some (new to me) bands have been sparking my love for music again! First off, The Civil Wars... dang those beautiful harmonies! I stalk their tour page constantly waiting to see if they are coming to my town anytime soon! Next is The Lumineers, their song kept playing at Anthro so I decided to download the cd and wow, I was blown away! And I am anxiously awaiting the new cd, Babel, from Mumford and Sons. When I heard them last year for the first time, I honestly got chills. They are aaamaazing. Cant wait to see what their sophomore album brings!

ENJOYING... Life! To be honest, I don't have much time to do anything lately, but I feel like when I do I really am using it to its fullest and enjoying everything. We have been taking walks and bike rides in our neighborhood on the weekends, and heading to some of our favorite restaurants (like this photo from El Ranchito above!) for an impromptu date nights instead of having frozen dinners at home! 

ANTICIPATING... Some great new blog collaborations I have coming up soon! I have to say how much I thoroughly enjoy connecting and hearing from all of you no matter if it is just a comment or an email I really enjoy the support you guys give me! I have some fun posts and giveaway and projects I just can't wait to get started on! 

WORKING ON... I love my house and my creature comforts. I need my space to be full of clutter and the way I need to to be to completely be able to de-stress and wind down after a long day. Because of my crazy work schedule lately, I haven't had any time to tackle those projects that just drive a person mad. I have ran the vacuum a few times and kept up with the laundry and dishes but today the iPod is going on, and the cleaning is starting from top to bottom! I hate sitting on the couch seeing the dusty shelves and piles of junk mail... no more! 

LOVING... My job! It is insane to think I go to a place to "work" yet it feels nothing like it! I love Anthropologie, all of my super great co workers and managers and I just love heading there. It has been a hard transition to try something completely new, but now I just love it! Yes, some customers can be challenging but the good totally out ways the bad! Other current loves include the active wear line from Old Navy, it is surprisingly cute and well fitting! And my new favorite breakfast... english muffin with peanut butter, bananas and honey. Delish!

OFFERING... A great deal for anyone who has thought of sponsoring my blog in August. No matter what size ad you purchase, I will give you 2 months for the price of 1! Just a little summertime thank you for being so great! Just email me soon!

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