Tuesday, July 3

Ruby Girl Swap!

     Happy Monday friends! Today I did a little blog swap with Ruby Girl to share our favorite styled posts with each others readers! Head over to her blog to see my post for today and check out Lindsey's post below! Hope you enjoy her great style!

Hey, hey! I'm Lindsey and I blog over at Ruby Girl. Hayley and I are trading spaces today... Trading Spaces, anybody remember that show from TLC? Definitely saw every episode when I was in high school. You guys, I am delighted to have the chance to be with you here at The Weekend File today. I think Hayley has absolutely adorable style, she's just got that girl-next-door vibe goin on. So great!

On Ruby Girl blog, I'm all about creating fresh, feminine looks with an urban flare. Bargain hunter and cheapskate at heart, I work with wardrobe pieces that are accessible to all, pretty darn affordable and definitely focus on bringing high fashion to the every day. 

Here's a little flavor of Ruby Girl blog, three of my favorite recent looks, for three different summer activities:

Downtown Window Shopping

You can never go wrong with oversized chiffon blouses and skinny jeans. They like PB&J, for reals. This time I dressed things up with heels, but you can always go a bit more casual with a pair of gladiators. This ensemble combines an unexpected pair, muted tones and neon. Acid yellow is showing up everywhere these days! Always fun to pop in a bit here and there.

Brunch with the Ladies

This look features two of my absolute favorite trends right now, bold geometric prints and color blocking. This print had me at hello. It allured me over from where it hung on the rack and with its navy and white nauticalness connived me into purchasing. I had no choice. But for $25, there was no buyer's remorse, despite the dress's shrewd manipulation. Being a color-lover I popped in some orange here and there and a little sass with the cat eye sunglasses.

Date Night

This is one of those preppy little resort style looks. White pants make everything look clean and classy. Seriously. With white pants, we could wear rainbow tie-dye soccer t-shirts from 8th grade and look like a million bucks. Opted out of the tie-dye route this time, however, and kept things all sorbet-inspired up in here with the mango necklace and lime top. You hungry right now? Yea me too.

Thanks for reading, I'd love to get to know you more!
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  1. Just found your blog through Ruby's, so glad you guys swapped!!!

    Cant wait to read more!


  2. love these looks! and now i'm gonna go check out her blog!

  3. Cute looks!

  4. Love Ruby Girl! These outfits are AMAZING. in love with the heels.

    1. I know! Some of my faves of hers, too!!


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