Sunday, August 19

5 Summer Trends for 2012

Whilst the hot weather seems to be remaining well and truly at bay, the British summertime is officially here. Regardless of whether the sun graces us with its presence or not this means there will be plenty of upcoming opportunities to express our love of summer – and here are five summer trends to help you do just that.

Catwalks are currently saturated with prints, whether they are floral, animal, natural or geometric. Worn by fashionistas everywhere, prints are bold, energetic and bang on trend. For an even more stylish look, empty your head of all the fashion knowledge you have accumulated over the years and mismatch your patterns.

Red, red and more red
Summer: the season of colour. Bright blue skies, lush green grass, shimmering turquoise waters, soft white sands – and bright, bold outfits. By wearing red, you will not only emulate summer but will also exude both style and confidence. Plus, the colour red has traditionally been associated with romance, perfect for the season of holiday romances.

Maxi dress
Summer is the season for baring all, whether in a bikini on the beach or at home in shorter-than-short denim shorts. For many people, however, summer is also the season of self-consciousness and body hang-ups. If this sounds like you, say hello to the embellished maxi dress! Maxis are comfortable, curve-accentuating and a great choice of cover-up. Add even more style to this top fashion trend by choosing a Berkertex maxi which has a jewel broach on the waist, emphasising the tiniest part of your body and making you look slimmer.

Shift dress
The beauty of a shift dress is that it’s simple but can make you look instantly polished and well put together. This figure-skimming dress hangs straight down from the shoulders, meaning that it doesn’t cling and flatters most figures. A classic piece, it has been around since the 1920s and was favoured by fashion icons Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. Recently, it became Michelle Obama’s signature look on the presidential campaign trail, making it the perfect look for a formal event. 

Short sleeve fitted jacket
Dressing smartly this summer, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cover up and run the risk of overheating. Treat yourself to a short sleeve fitted jacket – an adaptable style, it can be worn with skirts, dresses and trousers. 

Remember, dress for the PRESS this summer: prints, red, embellishment, shift and short-sleeves. That way you’ll be ready for the paparazzi (or your friend snapping pics on a camera-phone) at any given moment!

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