Monday, September 3

Life Lately V.11, Morro Bay & Cambria

      So last week we took a trip up the California coast! We had a good time (despite my sinus infection... boo!) and saw many gorgeous sea side towns along the way. We first stopped in Santa Barbara to do a little shopping and have lunch with my good friend, Tiffany, but taking photos must have not been on my mind then because I have none! After that, we planned on heading up the 101 and spending our first evening in Cambria.

One of our first vacations ever as a couple was to Morro Bay. There is something about that charming little sleepy town all centered around one huge rock that makes me love it. Every time we drive through  we make sure to stop and take a wander around the park that is at the base of the rock.

We stayed at Cambria Pines Lodge, which was our second time staying there and I really recommend it. It is a ways up from Moonstone Beach and all of the little seaside motels, and much closer to the downtown area of Cambria. It is a huge compound with rooms for every budget, but overall is pretty affordable. They have a pretty happening lounge in the evenings and most of the rooms have pretty forrest views and fireplaces. 

Moonstone beach is one of my favorite beaches (for the views, not really for getting a suntan) along the coast. There is a great wooden walking trail for a majority of the coastline and it is just really beautiful to walk along and take in the views. You can see occasional sea lions and dolphins in the distance... it doesn't get much better! We headed down to watch the sunset, and when the sun goes away it is chilly!!

We decided to head to Linn's Restaurant in Cambria for dinner. It was sooo delicious! I am surprised I even managed to snap a photo beforeI dove in. This is a home made Chicken Pot Pie with mashed potatoes and veggies. So, so good! I was in heaven! I would recommend heading there if you stop by for some homestyle delicious-ness! Plus there are so many quaint little candy shops and antique stores, it is one of my favorite sleepy towns.

Another stop we made while we were here was to Nit Wit Ridge. Though I have been to Cambria before, I didnt know about this mysterious house on a hill. Basically some crazy guy built his house out of knick knacks he found around the city, and it is really weird. We didnt have time to take a tour inside, but from the outside it looked pretty bizarre! I recommend visiting or taking the tour if you are there, apparently the back of the house is even crazier!

Next time, on to Big Sur and Monterey!
(Sorry about the quality of my iPhone photos, I don't know why they are so grainy! Any idea how to make them sharper?)

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  1. what a fun and awesome weekend. I love all your photos, now I'm curious about that house. I wish I live nearby.

    Happy week ahead.

  2. I'm a new follower! Am loving your blog.

    MC @


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