Friday, December 7

Take Care of Yourself: Skin Care Tips That Will Make a Difference

Your skin is the barrier between your insides, and the rest of the world. It works hard to keep you healthy, so treat your skin right. Here are some out top tips for body care to make your skin glow.

1. Moisturize Your Skin
Keeping your skin moisturized is key to body care health, as it protects the skin from harsh elements, as well as preventing it from drying. If your skin tends to be on the dryer side, avoid harsh, alcohol-based creams as they might irritate the skin and dry it out further. If your skin leans towards the oiler side, go for water-based products instead.

2. Exfoliate
Dry, dead skin cells dull your skin. They collect on the surface of your skin and prevent light from being reflected. Mix baby oil and sugar together to create an exfoliator. Do not forget to moisturize afterwards, because you need to put back the natural oils you removed.

3. Sleep
Your skin exposes how tired you feel, so get a good night's sleep. And if you wear make-up, make sure to wash it off to reduce bacteria build-up on your face
Take a bubble bath before bed to wind down. Try Johnson's Dreamy Skin Bath Foam. This product is packed with vitamins and moisturizers. 

4. Pamper Yourself
Create a stress-free environment and coordinate a spa night with your girl friends, because everyone's skin needs a night off. Give yourself a manicure and follow up with Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Hand Cream. 
Apply some homemade anti-aging face masks and some DYI exfoliating scrubs. Your friends will love it and pretty soon the spa night with the girls will become a regular thing keeping your skin looking refreshed year round.

5. Take Care of Your Skin All Year Round
Your skin’s moisture levels change each season. Switch from a normal face moisturizer in the summer, to a heavier moisturizer in the winter. Try Johnson's Face Care for normal skin, or dry skin. Both collections have cleansing wipes, gel wash, or lotion to suit your seasonal needs

6. Exercising Helps!
Not only does exercising improve your life span, but it improves your skin. Exercise boosts your blood flow and gives your face a flushed, young look. Adults spend an average of seven hours a day sitting down, so take one of those hours and spend it outside, jogging or riding your bike. 

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  1. I REALLY need to find time to take a bath!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

    1. That is my favorite way to read a a magazine and unwind!

  2. Great tips...I need to schedule a spa night with my girlfriends asap! :) Happy weekend!!

    1. I know! Or a girls weekend with manicures and massages sounds pretty good as well!

  3. I'm just wondering right now that how beautiful full you looking.coz you know the exact tips n trick to keep your skin always beautiful...And thanx for this valuable tips everyone can follow this natural skin care and easy to do at home


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