Wednesday, January 9

Blogging Resolutions with The Mrs. & The Momma

Today I have a little treat for you! One of my sponsors this month, Kristen from The Mrs. & The Momma and I swapped blogs today to share our blogging resolutions for 2013! To find my post for today (which took me much longer to write then anticipated and came straight from the heart! Who knew!?) head over to her blog!

Hey there, The Weekend File readers!!!  I'm Kristen from The Mrs. & The Momma.  I like to consider my blog three parts fashion, one part life, and one part family... although that precise math is subject to change.  I'm a lover of cold-weather (I loathe Texas summers even though I'm native Texan), chunky jewelry, Star Wars, sushi, fireworks, the smell of babies, getting dressed up, history, and mostly importantly-Sour Patch Watermelons.

So I'm super excited to share with you today some blog resolutions I've made for 2013.  These changes, goals, or whatever you may call them have been on my mind for a while now, but I firmly believe writing down one's goals is essential to sticking with them and following through.  It's time I get with the program.

1.  Do more DIY posts: Okay really, I've only done one DIY post, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's been quite the hit on Pinterest, so I think maybe I should explore my undiscovered crafty side.  These days, inspiration is I plan to put it to good use!

2.  Improve my photography: Looking at the quality of pictures when I first started my blog makes me want to gag (as I'm sure is the case with most bloggers), but even now that I've been consciously trying to up my photography game, there's still tons of room for improvement.  Which is totally an excuse for some new camera gear, right?

3.  Double the current reach of my blog: Being a busy mom of four little ones, blogging usually comes second or third...or fourth in line behind other responsibilities.  Because of this, I've been able to grow my blog...but at a slower rate.  That's been okay with me up until now.  I feel this year, I can take it to a new level.  Be more intentional.  Be more relevant.  Make more connections.

4.  Develop and maintain a successful blog series: Whether I realize this goal through a link up party, a themed forum, or some creative way of networking that I haven't yet thought of (such as hers), I feel creating a way to connect, outside of merely commenting and social media, facilitates more meaningful relationships and possible friendships...not to mention helps with number 3. (wink, wink)

5. Actively learn from others: Whereas the two above are pretty specific, this one is a fairly broad goal.  Ways I plan to learn from others can be in any area...from blog strategy, to business relations, to life/blog balancing, to just plain inspiration, etc.  I'd love to attend one or two blogging conferences, as well.  Any suggestions of some good ones would be highly appreciated!

Come on by The Mrs. & The Momma and say hello....I'd love to hear some of your blogging goals for 2013!  Thank so much, Hayley, for having me today!!!


Thanks for taking time out to leave a comment! I love and read every single one! XO! -Hayley