Tuesday, March 19

Spring Style Picks

A few weeks ago the Simon Mall Group sent me over to The Shops at Mission Viejo to check out their selection of stores and find some of my favorite picks for Spring Fashion! 

Armed with a gift card and an open mind, I checked out stores like Lucky, Nordstrom, GAP, Zara, and Fossil! I was attracted to these stores this season automatically because of their vibrant and colorful clothes calling my name and begging to come home with me! Wanna see what made the cut? See below!

Colorful denim really took off last year, but I feel like it is back this year with a vengeance. You can get them in any style these days from cropped to straight leg to ultra skinny and in just about any shade you can think of! I loved the rainbow of denim on display at the Fossil store. It made it easy to see their selection and imagine all the options! 

Over at Zara I kept seeing the combination of coral and army green and it was really speaking to me! I loved this striking combo together in vibrant prints or just in solids! I loved the mix in of an army print or a graphic that still kept in the same color family! These pieces are so versatile and can be remixed in the warmer and even colder months! 

Another thing I spotted at Zara, Nordstrom, and all over was soft and girly white tees with sweet little embellishments. It could have been a little embroidery, a bit of crochet, or even a cute flouncy hem or ruffle, I spotted it everywhere and in all styles, sizes and prices! Nothing says the weather is getting warmer then wearing white on a sunny Spring day!

Again, I am forever loving scarves. These ones spotted at H&M were long, a little worn in looking and came in great prints that you could wear with just about anything! I loved that they were a bit heavier cotton that would keep you warm and could also double as an impromptu blanket if you had to go to a spontaneous picnic!!

Personally, I think that a GREAT pair of sunglasses should be pretty much be your go to accessory all year long but especially when the days get longer and that sun stays out!! I decided to splurge over at Nordstrom in their Designer Sunglasses section to check out some styles I have been looking for forever! Two classics that you just cant go wrong with are a Wayfarer or an Aviator. I loved this pair from Kate Spade (she makes killer sunnies!) and these super classic Ray Bans! So what do you think I ended up getting?

The Kate Spade Aviators!

I have been looking for a pair to fit my face forever and when I put these on, it was perfection! Thanks again to the Simon Mall Group and The Shops at Mission Viejo for the opportunity and letting me visit all the great shops there! 


  1. love those kate spades on you girl!

    xo, Courtney

  2. Aww thank you! I am obsessed with them!

  3. Yeah those kate spades are on point lady!!!

    I love my Ran Ban Wayfarers...I wear them every day and always feel like they are a great accessory to any outfit!!!

    I am digging those scarves too!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

    1. Yes when the sun is out all day, good sunglasses are a must have in my book!

  4. The Shops at Mission Viejo. I swear the Nordstrom there is where I find the best things when I'm visiting my parents. Love the aviators!

    1. Yes! The employees were so nice at that location too!!!


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