Wednesday, March 13

Viva Las Vegas

Im Baaack! I just got back from Vegas on Monday afternoon and I am turning around to head to Palm Springs for a girls trip on Wednesday! But I wanted to check in and share how my trip went with you all. Oh, and if you haven't seen already... there is a really awesome Giveaway going on the blog right now!

So we stayed at the Planet Hollywood which I love/hate. For one it has shopping and good restaurants and a pretty fun casino floor and it is located really perfectly on the Strip. But on the downside, the rooms are crappy! This is our second stay there and both rooms have just not been that great, not to mention that casino is super smokey... like after 24 hours in Vegas I always feel like I am sick, but it is just awful allergies! 

Highlights of the trip:

- Winning a nice jackpot on a penny machine (but then putting it alllll back in).

- Seeing Vicky from OC Housewives, some kids from Real World, and the guy who plays Mike Chang on Glee and the best... we saw Ice T and CoCo's dogs getting walked around the valet area by a dog walker! Haha so cute.

- Ate at Margaritaville, Gordon Ramsay BURGR and the Hofbrahaus. If you have never got ot the Hofbrahaus you should! Its huge beers, good food, a crazy oompah band and grown men taking Jager shots and getting spanked (for real!)... it was great!

- Visiting Fashion Show Mall... love Topshop and it is one of my favorite stops to shop at! I got that amazing ring (pictured) and a few goodies at Free People.

- Had good seats at the race, and TRD actually ended up winning the race! Such a good feeling to get a win when we are there!! Do any of you follow Nascar? Which drivers are you a fan of?

And the best highlight of the trip was finally getting to come back home to my house and my sweet puppy! I realized I am so happy and content with the life we built, I get a bit homesick when I leave it! Now off to the desert, again!

Have a good week everyone!


  1. umm... can I have you dog?! She looks like she could be best friends with my pup! Those beers are huge! Yum!


    1. He is the best! He makes it pretty hard to leave for a few days!!

  2. From the looks of your pics, you had no shortage of fun!

  3. oooh fun! i've never spent much time in vegas- jealous of your fun!

    1. I think I have spent too much time there! Haha, I think that was going to be my last vegas trip for awhile!


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