Friday, May 10

Anthropologie Bag Obsession

Its no surprise that I love Anthropologie. And its no surprise that I love a good bag. For the past year I have been living in a basic brown leather bag that works with nearly everything. But lately I am loving all of the amazing options at Anthro! Big or small, inexpensive or pricey, from a weekend road trip to a wine night with friends... there is a bag and an option for everyone (and everywhere!). 

Above are some of my must buy, most favorite bags that we have right now! I love that we are getting in brands like Star Mela and Cleobella because their bags are to die for!! And I am not going to lie... I might already own two of them!

So which is YOUR favorite?
What type of bag do you use everyday?


  1. I love's too bad I have no money so I can't buy anything though. I really like the everyday bag by the way!

    Ally @

    1. Aww!! I do too. I am loving all of these right now!

  2. the flea market bag might be the most perfect back i've ever seen. ever. and the price?!?! how is that possible from anthro? thinking i might have to head there after preschool on friday :)


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