Thursday, May 23

wedding inspiration

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I haven't talked about it here much, but there has been a ton of wedding planning going on in our house these days! Since we have been together for nearly a decade (yikes!) and already live together, I didnt think a big wedding was really my "thing". Not to knock it, but I don't really want to fret for a year about table linens and party favors! 

I had always had this crazy dream in my head about my "version" of a simple wedding and to my surprise, the boy was a-okay with it! So we will be getting married in my most favorite of cities, San Francisco (!!!!!) at the end of the summer! I want a super simple City Hall wedding, with a delicious dinner for all of our family and friends who can come up for the event. 

We are heading up to the city next week to make some final arrangements, but if you have any suggestions i'm still looking for a florist and some great ideas for some iconic photos spot locations!


  1. sounds perfect -- loving your inspirations here, I'm sure it's going to be beautiful! xo

  2. City Hall in SF? Only one of my favoite buildings in my favorite city. Cool, I will be there. My address is...hahaha Take some photos in Golden Gate Park. and I could go on and on with perfect spots. I think your day sounds perfect!

    1. Yes I couldn't think of a more beautiful place!

  3. ahh gorgeous! wedding season is soo fun!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. I AM SO STOKED TO SPEND THIS DAY WITH YOU AND GEOFF! Thank you x 100000 for inviting us to share this special moment with y'all, and please keep me updated as the event gets finalized. Love you!


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