Friday, August 16

Bridal Brunch

Last weekend, friends and family form all different parts of my life came over to celebrate little old me. I have never felt more thankful, happy and overwhelmed with all of the love I received! We did a brunch with mini quiches, roasted potatoes, pasta salad, mini pastries and 2 dozen Sidecar Donuts stacked up with some cute bunting on top!

Around here things have been busy, busy, busy. We are leaving in less then 2 weeks to head up to San Francisco for our WEDDING! I am not nervous in the least, but so excited to have some time off, in the city I love with our close friends and family! 

In other news, I am undecided on what to do with this blog here. I simply don't have the time to share my style anymore, I cant even remember the last time I picked up anything but my iPhone to take a photo, and I just feel like I am at a bit of a standstill. Maybe I will change the direction of this blog a bit and have it be more about our life? Or just maybe this little chapter of my life is coming to a close. I have started numerous posts on this topic all sitting in the drafts because I am unsure what to say. For now, next time you hear from me I will be a married gal and I hope you all are enjoying your summer!


  1. I love your adorable kitchen Haley!!!! I see your awesome nespresso in the kitchen, I have the same one. :) enjoy these last two weeks before your wedding and I hope you have a beautiful wedding! Congratulations, Chica!

    Maggie from Sweet Peas and Lucky Honey

  2. Your brunch sounds amazing!!! Good luck & Congrats on your upcoming Wedding =)

  3. Hope your wedding was amazing. Hoping you share your next chapter, but if not - good luck!


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