Tuesday, January 21

Long Beach Flea

Every 3rd Sunday of the month the Long Beach Antique Market is the place to go. LB is great because its smaller then the Rose Bowl and full of legit sellers. I really, reeeaaally like flea markets but I have to have a need for something otherwise I wander around and everything looks like a blur. I like the hunt for something. And Sunday I scored and found something I have been wanting forever! 
Um, gorgeous rugs everywhere!
Loved this great costume jewelry, I almost left with the one in the middle!
Got these 2 new beauties! Always on the hunt for great turquoise pieces!
Treasure hunting with the bestie!
A little #ootd in a vintage mirror! 
I aware this guy went through my moms garage and stole these from me! Remember sticking patches and writing in Sharpie on your Jansport?! 
Cute neon signs and letters are everywhere! 
Lunch at Simmzy's, one of my favorites!
My find of the day! A vintage standing globe! It matches the feet on our danish furniture perfectly! 


  1. Such a cool globe!! I absolutely LOVE the LB market! Bummed I missed it this month. Have you been to the one at the Great Park? I used to hit it when it was at Irvine Valley College, but haven't been since they moved it. I'm looking forward to going next time it rolls around.

  2. i am in LOVE with your globe. they're something i collect, but i've never seen one on a wooden post. very cool! looks great in your home.

  3. How fun and yes to the Sharpies on a Jansport (mine was navy). I'll have to check out the LB Flea Market sometime :)


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