Sunday, October 24


  Hello! I'm Hayley. Twenty six. Live in So Cal. I am your neighborhood barista that loves to travel, cook, find good new music, and spend countless hours being a "real estalker". Yes, I am obsessed with all things design and real estate. It would not be uncommon, if you looked in my window to see me watching House Hunters, while searching for affordable mid century fixer-uppers in Orange County. I am so interested, I have signed up to take some classes to see if this is a career I want to pursue. This is not a new hobby, but now a real one because the 1 hour commute is getting to be a chore for the boy {more on him next post} and we have been looking for a home or condo to buy since April. Since then, we have fell in love and lost not one, not two, but three {YES 3!!!} houses in the Orange County area of Costa Mesa. So this has been not only time consuming {open houses and trolling neighborhoods every single weekend} but pretty emotional to have been looking for six months and still have found nothing!
  Anyhow, this will not just become a whiney real estate blog. I love cooking, baking, traveling, shopping, and music and planning on sharing all of my hobbies and finds for all to see. Not to mention we are looking to add a new member to our family fairly soon...... a dog! {What, you didn't think we needed a kid too, did you!?}

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