Thursday, November 11

Dreamy Thursday

Thanks to our two successful yard sales over the past 6 months and a few extra dollars made on craigslist we are contemplating what our new living room will look like. Since we plan on moving to a bigger house in the near future I want to keep everything really neutral and sleek so it will transition into any new space. I am hoping (fingers double crossed) we will have wood floors in the new house so I arranged my dreamy new living room (with the help of Ikea) with that in mind.

1. Merete Curtains in Beige- $19.99
2. Felicia Cushions in Green-Yellow and Dark Brown- $8 (x4)
3. Succulents- $2.99 (x4)
4. Kivik Sofa in Teno Light Grey- $599
5. Stockholm Easy Chair in Blad Brown- $299
6. Felicia Throw in Dark Brown- $9.99
7. Stockholm Coffee Table in Golden Brown- $199
8. Orgel Vreten Floor lamp- $19.99

Grand Total: $1190

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