Saturday, November 13

My little boy...

    I am not a cat person. Never have been. My mom on the other hand, will not admit it but she is a cat person! She started feeding a neighborhood cat one year, until it became our cat living in our house! I remember it went missing once, so we went to the animal shelter to look for it and I saw this guy. All tiny and orange in this dark room all by himself. There was a wall of about 12 cages, all empty, and he was in one of the top ones meowing non-stop. Curiosity got to the better of me and I found myself asking the front desk lady to see cat in cage #whatever. She responded that there was no cat in there, I said "Yes there is! Orange and white! I saw him!""No doll, you are mistaken", so I told her to come with me and sure enough there he was! Although as the lady read his tag she seemed to be confused. Turns out, his time had "expired" in scary animal talk which really meant he was going to get put down fairly soon, so soon that he shouldn't have even been in the cage, since he was no longer in the system. Cue blonde girl turning into a blubbering idiot in the middle of the pound signing a check to take the cat home! Two days later, Captain was home with me. 
     Now he lives with my parents for the time being because they love him and that is the house he has lived in but I go see him pretty often. He has personality for miles and is so dang cute and has a bad attitude when he isn't getting enough attention which is clearly, also adorable. Ha! Captain is my little partner in crime so he will have his own little spot on this blog over to right, where I will rotate new photos of him every month (thinking about cat in a santa hat for december!).

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  1. Aww hi Captain!

    I love orange tabbies (we have one named Woods ourselves) and I think they have the best personalities--very dog-like if you ask me!

    I love those pretty eyes--they look sort of blue in the picture. Our tabby has orange eyes that match his orange fur :)


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