Monday, November 15

Monday, Monday

     Hello,  Monday! I am going to try and start this week with a new attitude, less allergies, and making sure to take some time out in the day for myself so I don't get too run down. Last week was spent working, helping others, no sleeping, and becoming overwhelmed when the weekend hit and it still wasn't over! Not to mention the dry winds here in So Cal have made me feel like a walking zombie! Dry lips, dry skin, sneezing, stuffy nose the works! But feeling better today!

    The highlight of the weekend was having this guy right here surprise me by coming home standby on an earlier flight and there I am... hair in bun, glasses on, watching 19 Kids and Counting and reading a Star Magazine... completely taken off guard but who cares! I was happy as a clam! I stole this photo from one of his bosses that was posted on twitter... hubba hubba, he looks so official!

     And of course, I did manage to squeeze in an hour or so to browse Forever 21 the other day and returned back with these two pieces. Picked up the abstract print dress on the right and the cozy sweater on the left. The sweater actually has flecks of metallic running through the material which you cant see in the photo, but makes it look a little more dressy then casual. 

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