Tuesday, November 16

Its beginning to look a lot like...

... Christmas!

It isn't even the week of Thanksgiving yet, but Starbucks has already jumped ship and totally revamped their store fronts for the Holidays. Last night, I was held captive dusting, displaying and decorating from 5pm to 4am (totally crazy!) like a little elf hard at work while all of our customers were asleep in their beds! I decided to post my top 5 new items for the holidays that would go great as a stocking stuffer or a great small surprise!

1. The VERY VERY popular plastic To-Go Tumbler. Comes in Grande and Venti sizes, everyone looses it when they see these and the buy them by the handful!

2. Joy Tea. Only out once a year. Delicious blend of Green and Black teas, it honestly tastes like christmas should!

3. Super cute Ceramic Nesting Bowls. They are tiny, would look cute storing sugar packets and such inside, or even on a desk top for office supplies.

4. Ceramic Teacup with Felt Sleeve. Pretty self explanatory and simple, but that big red button makes me smile!

5. Product (RED) collaboration with Jonathan Adler. I just love the design and it also has a matching Starbucks gift card you can pair with it. Proceeds of this purchase go to the RED Campaign. 

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