Sunday, November 7

Weekly Roundup

1.  This week was a very good and busy week for us! Since we don't get trick-o-treaters in our neighborhood, we headed out to do some window shopping (which turned into real shopping... whoops!) and eat at one of our favorite burger joints, The Counter, in Irvine. Its nice to have the boy around on the weekends!

2.  The only, only, thing that makes going to work at the crack of dawn worth it, is that first break where you can eat a deliciously buttery croissant and soy cappuccino in the quiet of the morning and that kind of helps start the day off just right.

3.  Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA. There were lots of kids in costumes and dogs in costumes it was such a nice day,  maybe one time I will take a ride on this pretty Ferris Wheel!

4.  This Saturday we hosted a yard sale with all of our left over clothes from our last sale in May and some new stuff we had cleaned out. It was such a nice day to be outside and this little guy, Henry, and Rachel came over to keep us company while we made millions. Kidding, we made only like $150 but that was 50 cents at a time! We did our part for the community as well and donated everything to a church group afterwards to sell off at their own rummage sale. 

5. Sweet Potato Fries. Need I say more? Delicious!!!

  So after we finished up our sale yesterday we went out to dinner with Geoff's parents and went to see Craig Ferguson a the Fox Theatre. He was surprisingly funny, but I have to say his song and dance routine to "Oops! I Did it Again" was hands down the funniest! Spending another Sunday watching Nascar (after we slept our extra hour!) then I am heading into work tonight. Next week we are gearing up for a busy week at work and Geoff is taking another business trip to Phoenix!

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