Monday, November 8

It's looking like fall...

Sweater- Forever 21, Shirt/Dress- Forever 21, Leggings- Target, Boots- Old Navy, Necklace- ???, Watch- Burberry

    It appears that fall fell this weekend, just only in our front yard! And it is bizarre since all the leaves are falling, but still green! Check out that beautiful huge leaf that fell! This is actually what I wore on Saturday night but I am cheating and only posting it now. The idea around the whole title "Weekend File" is that I spend a majority of my days in work clothes, so when I can get a little dressed up in something other then a black polo... it is rare... but exciting! My friends always make fun of me for having things sit in my closet forever and ever with the tags still attached, and its just because I don't have the opportunity to dress up or branch out. So I am hoping to do it more often, and discover what is hiding in there!

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