Friday, December 17

Better Shelter

     Last April, on a whim I was driving around the neighborhood we wanted to live in Costa Mesa (a city that is between Newport and Huntington Beaches) following some for sale signs, checking out the area when I stumbled across this small complex of totally hip and redesigned condos nestled behind a gorgeous brick wall and thousands of colorful succulents. I was sold. It was 800 square feet of glory. It was trashed and needed a lot of work, but it was quaint. It was modern. It was hip. It had french doors to a patio I could see us having summer BBQ's on. Best of all... it was 1.7 miles from the beach. SOLD. Well, we put in an offer and waited and waited and waited. We waited and dealt with the worst realtor ever for months until one day I drove by and noticed it was clean, the sign was down, the lock box was gone. It had effectively sold to someone else, while we were still believing we had the highest offer and it was waiting with the bank.

     Regardless of what happened I realized what my aesthetic was and that I didn't want to compromise style for more space. I researched this condo and found out that it had been totally redone by this boutique real estate company that flips old properties with awesome detail into very modern desirable and affordable places to live. Better Shelter is my real estate crush. They are focusing most of their efforts in the Los Angeles area at the moment, and if it wasn't completely out of the way I would be buying one of their homes in an instant. Instead I will drool over their website and blog and wait patiently until another shows up in our area. 

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