Thursday, December 16

Awkward and Awesome

     Today, I am taking a page out of Ms. Sydney's book and sharing with you my awkward and awesome moments for Thursday. But first of all, take a look at my fair city's lovely weather for the next week. Keep in mind, it was 90 degrees last weekend...

     I know. I know. Some of you would consider the 60s a warm blessing but this is California! Im cold! My blood just isn't used to it anymore!


- When people order a Mocha, watch me make it, watch me hand it out to them and then they ask "oh, thats not iced?" Grrrrrrrrr.
- 4 cars at a 4-way stop. This can be awkward if all 4 cars are too timid to go or if a car goes out of turn and the other 3 people get angry simultaneously. 
- Finding a disgusting bug in your bathroom, then telling someone about, then hearing I should go back and pull everything apart to see if there are more. Whoops.
- Having a sales person at F21 tell me there is one shirt in the one size I need, somewhere and I am "more then welcome" to go look for it. This store is 3 stories! I think not!
- You realize your fly is down, and you haven't gone to the bathroom or anything for quite some time....
- Also, you realize someone else's fly is down. What do you say!?!
- Running into people when you look bad and pretending you don't know them. Im guilty!


- Getting a gift totally out of left field from a customer because they appreciate you. So nice!
- Thinking you forgot to DVR something, but the boy stepped in and did it for you!
- Online shopping for Christmas gifts. I haven't been in a mall for weeks!
- Taking the second shower. The water is already hot and the little bathroom isn't so cold!
- Putting on old jeans that you hid in your closet because they were expensive but a wee bit too small, but low and behold... they fit!
- Coming home to a warm house, the boys snuggling on the couch watching law and order with the Christmas tree lit in the background... my heart explodes!!


  1. OH HALEY I LOVE IT!!! You are just too darn funny and adorable! Your list is perfect. I'm afraid, I didn't get around to an Awkward and Awesome post this week because of finals, but you just totally made up for it!! LOVE IT!

  2. HI! Sydney, you are too sweet! Thanks for coming by! <3 Good luck with finals!


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