Tuesday, December 14

T is for Tuesday.

     Today feels like one of those days where routine is falling into place and everything seems to be getting a little easier. Tasks are getting checked off of the list. Laundry is folded, the fridge is stocked, the dog slept through the night (which is probably why I have this lovely and well rested feeling about myself today!), christmas presents are getting purchased and are soon to be wrapped, and work is still 5 hours away.
     Lewis really has been getting a routine down and it is working out well. He still has his bursts of crazy time and will accidentally bite just a little too hard but we are working on that. He is walking better on the leash, being more obedient to our commands, remembering where he is allowed to go in the house when he is off the leash (yesterday we explored the bathroom trash...bad dog!) and being able to calm down when need be. 
     In other news, yesterday without really thinking I got my hair cut, short!!! I said to my shoulders, but it really isn't even close but I actually like it. I cant even really make a pony tail, but I figure since my hair grows so dang fast it will be there in a month or so. We also didn't put a base color in just highlights and dark low-lights as I am trying to explore my "natural" hair color.... I think the last time I saw it was 2000!!
     I also wanted to say a big HELLO and THANK YOU to all of my new readers. I never even would have though I would be having readers from Australia to Belgium and even D.C. (maybe its the President!???) and even someone at Tesco! I would like to tell that someone, I love Tesco and Fresh and Easy and if you ever need a food sampler.... come on over! Teehehe. Go ahead and leave a comment and introduce yourself, the more the merrier over here!


  1. Lewis is adorablee!! I've been dyyinnnngg for a dog!

    <3 kris&kel

  2. he is a lot of work, but there is just something that makes it all worth it!

  3. cuuuute puppy (and shades)!!! i have a 3-month-old boxer puppy, and he's already enormous. awww...
    hey, i don't know you and you don't know me, but i figure we can be e-friends. because you seem fun. and i like fun people. come check out my little fashion blog if you get a chance (but let's keep those expectations pretty low...lower...lowerrrrrrrrr....there. right there. keep 'em there and head on over):
    have a happy day!


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