Sunday, December 12

School's in session...

Sweater- Forever 21, T-Shirt- Cotton On, Scarf- H&M, Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad, Boots- Forever 21

     Today was the day our little man Lewis went to school. Today, being yesterday since I am typing this on a lovely sunday morning enjoying some hazelnut coffee and a bagel from Panera!! We went to a puppy training session at our local pet store just to see what they would have to say and see if we are doing all of the right things. The man teaching the class had these delicious bacon treats so Lewis was basically doing anything and everything correctly that the man said for some bacon, then when we came home... he was a little devil! Looks like I need to invest in some bacon scented perfume or something to get him to pay attention to me!

     On the agenda for the real today is to put a dent in our holiday shopping list and the pup needs a little bath since he is starting to smell like the inside of Geoff's gym shoes (sorry babe!). Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I feel bad for those snowed in but today is one of the warmest and nicest days I have seen in awhile! 


  1. Yumm--I've been craving Panera!! Great outfit. The scarf brings the perfect touch of color!

    Also, thanks for your comment! I have a D3000 and I LOVEEEE it! My sister wants one of her own for Christmas. :)

    <3 kris&kel

  2. The Panera cinnamon crunch bagels are like dessert for breakfast! delicious!

  3. I love your scarf and the boots!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


    In the Hammock Vintage

  4. Cute outfit! Love the brightness of that scarf. I miss Panera Bread... they had the best soups.

    Happy Holidays from snowy Holland,

  5. Thanks Ladies! thanks for coming by!!

  6. lo-o-o-ove this scarf. and the whole look.


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