Friday, December 3

Feeling Festive

     These wreaths found on Vivaterra are making me rethink my whole out look on this decorating for Christmas thing I am about to embark on this weekend. Either that, or they would make great gifts for someone! I am just loving the simplicity and naturalness of them both. The first is made of felted wool ($58) and the second is made entirely of succulents ($98). I love how everyday fabrics can be made to look and feel festive. 
     For the first time this year we are going to put lights out. It always seems like a big chore but it will be fun to get outside and have a prooject. I also think we are going to keep our village packed up because I can just see Lewis eating the little steeple or breaking something off of this vintage set that belonged to Geoff's Grandma. Anyways whatever you are doing to get ready for the holidays, have fun!

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