Thursday, December 9


     I think ladies all over the world took a collective gasp two weeks ago when our too cute Emma Pillsbury from Glee walked into the scene (you know, when they were getting in the bus to go to sectionals) with that striped coat. I will admit, the boyfriend was impressed that it took 0.05 seconds to figure out what this coat was. In comes Kate Spade, of course! It is the Studio Mona Coat, which happens to be on sale for just a measly $521. Big bow, quirky stripes, large cowl... i'm in love! This girl just knows how to dress! Also, while browsing other notable outfits she has worn, I came across this website What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear which has episode recaps and screen shots not to mention links to some of the styles she has already worn. It is a pretty cute site!!

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