Monday, December 6

If you have patience...

     Today after a lovely trip to the dentist, and a quick trip to Michael's to pick up my holiday wrapping I decided to stop by Old Navy. Usually, I gauge which stores to stay away from during the holiday season based on the amount of coupons I see sent out this time of year in the mail, newspaper and my e-mail. But, I couldn't help myself. Boy am I glad I did! I was finally able to pick up the Blue Gingham Button-up (1) for $15, not 1 but 2 new sweaters since they were BOGO (2) and I picked up the Yellow and White Boatneck Tee (3) for only $3!! I also had a $15 discount so I feel quite satisfied in my purchases, even though I really did not need it. I did manage to squeeze in the bare minimum of some Christmas shopping as well so all in all it was a successful trip. If you can handle longer lines, go check out your nearest Old Navy right now. $15 off $50 is a pretty good deal, and they do have pretty cute wintery items right now. 

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  1. Your blog is adorable! I really like it..I got the shirt to the right for like $2 and I love it! :)
    good luck with your blog its so cute!!


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