Friday, December 31

Goodbye 2010!

1. Went and saw Bon Jovi! And it was AAAMAZING! 
2. Took a last minute trip to San Francisco and Sonoma, California. 
3. Got to go to my first NASCAR race! 
4. Have I ever mentioned we really love going to baseball games!? 
5. Took a trip to Morro Bay, a place we took our first vacation six years ago. 
6. Geoff bought the "Red Baron" aka his 1980's Porsche which we took on a road trip. 
7. Spent a romantic anniversary weekend in Newport Beach. 
8. THE FAIR! All the fried goodness we could manage!
9. This little guy came into our lives and we have been busy ever since. 
10. Me, thanking you all for visiting my little blog and enjoying it!

     With less then an hour left in 2010 I wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year! This year has definitely been very eventful for us. I finally decided to start this little blog, which has really helped me to become more creative and so excited for the year to come! 

     As for my resolutions, I hope I continue to become an even more understanding and patient girlfriend and puppy mom and that we can finally find a home to call our own... much closer to the beach! On the calendar is hopefully a trip back to New York City in May and the arrival of my sisters twinsies in June! 

Happy 2011!!!!!

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