Sunday, January 2

Vacation, Over.

Beanie- Forever 21, Scarf- American Eagle, Sweater- Nordstrom, Shirt- Cotton On, Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad, Boots- Old Navy

     Today is a bit bittersweet around our house because the boy has to head off to work again tomorrow and  it is another cold and rainy day. We literally had to run outside and take these before the raindrops started to fall! We slept in and headed to Coco's for breakfast and ate enough food for a family of 4! We rarely make it up and out for breakfast so when we do, we go big!

     Has anyone seen any of these new "As Seen On TV" commercials that have sprung up all of a sudden? Pajama Jeans? Wonder File? I have to say these things look tempting, but who cant manage to put on jeans to go to the store, they have to put on pajamas that look like jeans? I just don't get it! And don't even get me started on this file folder that folds up and you can fit everything under then sun inside it... I doubt it gets that flat!


  1. great outfit!! the pictures are so beautiful!

  2. I really like that scarf! Very cute outfit. My fav commercial like that is the 'style snaps' that supposedly hem your pants...but just look kind of goofy.

  3. Exactly!!! Im SURE they loose their stick after awhile right!?

  4. Such cute photos! I've been looking for a striped shirt like that! haha I have totally seen that Wonderful File--I think the only way it will get that flat is if there is nothing in it! :)

    <3 kristen

  5. These are great clothing shots! I wish we could see your boots though. Question: What program do you use to format your photos?

    Cheers from Amsterdam!

  6. Hahaha!!! Well I have been rotating the same brown and black pairs for 2 months so they are the ONLY shoes I have ever featured on this blog! My toesies just get too cold otherwise!

  7. Kristen, I just picked up the shirt last week for 12.99 at Cotton On, I don't know if you have this store near you but it is great basic pieces from an Australian brand and I just love them! Very comfortable and affordable clothes.


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